"A reference serves as proof of the situation or claim"

Johnny de Mol 


"Mr. Lexington is a very good companion and always a good partner when I'm traveling (although I'm sleeping very often when he is my driver). He is very punctually and above all a very sweet men! I would say Mr. Lexington 4 President!!"

Lana Wachowski

Founder MATRIX / SENSE8 (Netflix)

"Mr. Lexington was more than a driver for me, he was our guide to the canalled wonderment of Amsterdam and beyond. Big kiss for him!"

Katja Schuurman

Presentatrice / Actrice

"Mr. Lexington is on time and reliable. A fine companion as chauffeur. He does not talk too much, but it is cozy. You can count on him, I would definitely recommend him. I love to work with Mr. Lexington!"

Pilar Rodriguez-toubes Osborne

Director ART Advisory Services

"I always found it hard finding good help in a country that it is not my own, but finally I found Mr. Lexington who is the most efficient person I worked with! (And I'm very picky) I had to explain things only once and he knows exactly how I like things to be done. I can trust Mr. Lexington with my house and I can be relax when I know he's around. Mr. Lexington thinks in solutions, not problems. I'm very glad he can help us when we need him!"