You can pay Mr. Lexington safely with iDeal


An invoice is a document that reflects a commitment from customer to supplier.

                                                                                    - Wikipedia -


Do you own a business or you work for a company and you want the business to pay the costs? No problem! We will send the invoice including VAT number and corporate name, so that the bill can be paid business. You can also reclaim the VAT from the tax authorities. 


You don't have a company but still want to use Mr. Lexington? No problem! Invoices of Mr. Lexington will be sent by e-mail in a very clear layout. The amount for the services you pay easy and safe with, for example, iDeal.


Would you purchase a package for the services of Mr. Lexington during a longer period? No problem! 

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Mr. Lexington has also experience with longer projects, for example the film or advertising industry!

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