"A reference serves as proof of the situation"


Katja Schuurman

Presentatrice / Actrice

"Mr. Lexington is on time and reliable. A fine companion as chauffeur. He does not talk too much, but it is cozy. You can count on him, I would definitely recommend him. I love to work with Mr. Lexington!"

Pilar Rodriguez-toubes Osborne

Director ART Advisory Services

"I always found it hard finding good help in a country that it is not my own, but finally I found Mr. Lexington who is the most efficient person I worked with! (And I'm very picky) I had to explain things only once and he knows exactly how I like things to be done. I can trust Mr. Lexington with my house and I can be relax when I know he's around. Mr. Lexington thinks in solutions, not problems. I'm very glad he can help us when we need him!"

The Baby Boutique

Instagram shop

"My experience with Mr. Lexington is great! He is assertive, helpful, sweet, reliable and really multi-purpose.
I hire him for the Baby Boutique to, among other things, package orders, make social media content and supplementing new stock. But he also takes effortlessly out of our private work, think of help with family dinners, chauffeur services where necessary and he can also get along very well with my children. "Mr. Lexington is a hard worker, looks super nice. We call him also SOS Lex. Says enough I think! ;-) "

Esther Dijst


"Working together with Mr. Lexington gives me the opportunity to be flexible as an entrepreneur and to be able to take some rest once in a while. For the rental and management of my luxury apartments in the center of Amsterdam I can always lean on Mr. Lexington I leave the organization around the rental in full confidence with him. Mr. Lexington is quick to come up with solutions, takes everything very seriously, is very customer friendly and thinks along well. Mr. Lexington gives me the freedom to get of everything sometimes, without having to hire a person. A very fine right hand and a warm person! "